Benefits Of Health And Safety Training

There are 3 types of benefit arising from Health and Safety (H&S) Training: 

  • Moral - Most people enjoy learning and don't like to see accidents or people being harmed.
  • Economic - H&S training saves money by avoiding the costly downtime, compensation, legal costs and investigations resulting from workplace accidents.
  • Legal - it’s the law: you have legal responsibilities to provide appropriate H&S training to your workforce.

Why choose CH Training Ltd for your Health and Safety Training?

CH Training Ltd is well established in the development and delivery of health and safety training. CH Training Ltd has an ever increasing loyal customer base from a variety of industry sectors. Our focus is on the individual needs of delegates and its practical approach to training, this has proved to be so successful that many organisations go on to further and higher education and even engage the skills of our trainers for specialist consultancy projects.

Health and safety standards are required to achieve Moral, Economic and Legal compliance. By following CH Training Ltd guidance and effectively train the employees, you will help your organisation find the best ways to lead and promote health and safety.

Preventing accidents and ill health caused by work is a key priority for everyone at work. As the owner or manager of a business, you know that competent employees are valuable.

A Health and Safety training programme will help your organisation:

  • Develop and implement a health and safety policy
  • Comply with the statutory and practical health and safety requirements
  • Promote a positive health and safety Culture
  • Develop links with appropriate people and groups
  • Promote effective communication
  • Determine health and safety hazards and risks
  • Develop and implement monitoring systems
  • Keep key stakeholders informed of performance
  • Develop and implement reporting and recording systems
  • Ensure emergency response systems and procedures are followed.
  • Review and keep pace with improvements and good H&S practice.

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