Level 2 Award In Manual Handling

No entry requirements required this half-day programme is for learners who wish to gain the Level 2 Award in Principles of Manual Handling.

Course Content

HighField has developed this qualification to benefit anyone who has to carry out any manual handling activities at work by introducing them to the hazards of manual handling, the risks involved and the controls that are available to help prevent injury. The course in addition will teach learners techniques to lift, carry, push and pull objects safely within their individual capabilities with the aim of reducing the number of work-related injuries associated with manual handling.


Suitable for all employees, it enables them to contribute to the development of safer manual handling methods and tasks.

Outline programme

The training programme covers the following topics:

  • Manual handling hazards, risks and controls
  • How manual handling operations can cause injury and harm
  • The scope of legal requirements and where guidance can be found
  • The process for assessing manual handling risks
  • The value of risk assessment and how it applies to safe manual handling practice
  • Manual handling techniques – lifting loads from low levels/working at low levels/lowering from height/pushing loads/pulling loads/carrying/team handling

Learning Outcomes:

  • Allows learners to understand the risks associated with manual handling and to make recommendations to manage those risks
  • The process of manual handling in the workplace
  • Manual handling injuries and the activities which cause them
  • Manual handling assessment and control options
  • Responsibilities imposed by the Manual Handling Operations Regulations

Course Benefits include:

  • Promotes good practice and safer working environments
  • Help reduce lost man hours through workplace injuries
  • Can help to reduce insurance premiums and minimise the risk of litigation
  • Developed to nationally recognised standards as identified by the sector skills council
  • Accredited training extends the duration of employment and reduces recruitment costs


The Level 2 Certificate is knowledge-based and will be assessed by means of an external assessment. Each unit is assessed by means of a 20 question, multi-choice examination

QCA Accredited: Yes


Three day programme

Course Costs

Course Fee from £45.00 +VAT per candidate. This includes: Examination fee, registration fee.

1-5 candidates £275 (+VAT)
6-10 candidates £475 (+VAT)
11-15 candidates £675 (+VAT)

Course book (per person on request £3.20) - Principles of Manual Handling provides an introduction to manual handling operations and the associated regulations – it outlines how manual handling hazards can be identified and controlled to prevent harm being caused.

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