Level 3 Award In Health And Safety In The Workplace

Course Content

The level 3 Certificate examines health and safety from a supervisory perspective. Overview:
Supervisors have both a legal and moral responsibility to look after the health and safety of employees. This qualification will enable managers and supervisors to improve the health and safety culture of their organisation, whatever its size or activity. Outline programme:

  • Concept of health and safety
  • Accidents in the workplace
  • Ill health in the workplace
  • Legal provisions (UK only)
  • Health and safety organisation and management
  • Supervising health and safety


The Level 3 Award in Health and Safety in the Workplace is designed for: Supervisors, owners, team leaders or managers responsible for health and safety

Course Benefits include:

  • Promotes good practice and safer working environments
  • Can help to reduce insurance premiums and minimise the risk of litigation
  • Valued by environmental health professionals
  • Developed to nationally recognised standards
  • Accredited training extends the duration of employment and reduces recruitment costs

Understand UK Legislation and be able too:

  • Explain the roles of primary and secondary legislation
  • State the duties placed on employers, employees and others
  • Outline the powers of enforcement officers and the enforcement actions

Understand work related ill health and be able too:

  • Explain common work-related ill health conditions
  • Distinguish between acute and chronic health effects
  • Describe the routes of entry
  • Describe the legal requirements
  • Identify the health hazards and select suitable control measure
  • Outline the role of health surveillance

Understand accident reporting and investigation and be able to:

  • Outline the main principles involved in carrying out an incident investigation
  • Identify the safety hazards and select suitable control measures to prevent accidents

Understand the key factors in Managing the organisations H&S Policy and be able to:

  • Explain health and safety culture
  • Outline the requirements and means for providing information and consultation to employees

Understand the key role that supervisors play in communicating, implementing and monitoring health and safety policy and be able to:

  • Promoting good standards of H&S
  • Explain the role of PPE in controlling hazards and the supervisor’s role in ensuring its effectiveness
  • Describe procedures for monitoring effective control measures


The Level 3 Certificate is knowledge-based and will be assessed by means of an external assessment. Each unit is assessed by means of a 30 question, multi-choice examination


Three day programme

Course Costs

Course Fee from £90.00 +VAT per candidate. This includes: Examination fee, registration fee, and health and safety literature

1-5 candidates £895 (+VAT)
6-10 candidates £1195 (+VAT)
11-15 candidates £1395 (+VAT)

What Next?

  • Level 4 Award in Health and Safety in the Workplace - Enables owners, managers, supervisors and senior safety personnel to manage health and safety in most workplaces
  • NEBOSH Level 3/4 Accreditation

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