CH Training's Top Tips for Working from Home

Posted on 13th May 2020 13:53:22 by
CH Training's Top Tips for Working from Home

The Covid-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak is meaning that many of us are required to work from home and will be required to do so for quite some time. This can have a negative effect on your physical and mental health. Below are CH Training’s top tips for staying safe and healthy during home working.

1. Maintain regular working hours.

2. Ensure that you have a dedicated work station that is set up ergonomically:

  • If you are working at a desk ensure that there is adequate knee/foot clearance 
  • Position your screen so it is level with your eye height.
  • If sitting, use an adjustable chair. However, if this is not possible you may use a towel or a cushion to add support and elevation.
  • Maintain a good posture; if sitting, try to ensure that the small of your back is supported, your shoulders are relaxed (not slumped, not elevated), and that there is no unwelcome pressure on the back of your knees. 
  • If standing (e.g. at your kitchen worktop), keep your legs, torso, neck and head approximately in line and vertical – don’t slouch, lean or twist to the side.

3. Don’t sit or stand for too long – change your posture every few minutes

4. Take regular scheduled micro-breaks away from your work station 

5. Make regular contact with colleagues 


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